About audioverité

audioverité is a free Java mp3 player and database manager similar to iTunes but with many features that sets it apart from others. Specifically audioverité works on all platforms including Linux and provides the capability to share mp3s on both the local LAN or across the Internet.


  • Written in pure Java and can run on any platform.
  • Indexes existing mp3 libraries without moving or modifiying the files.
  • Supports multiple libraries and playlists.
  • Can can share libraries across an network, allowing remote play and transfer of songs.
  • Detects other instances runing on a LAN using Apple's Bonjour protocol.
  • Playlists can be streamed as a shoutcast stream.
  • Can run as a server daemon process serving libraries and streams.
  • Performs on the fly transcoding of tracks and streams for slow network links.
  • Supports ipods, treating them like local libraries. Allowing copying of tracks to and from the ipod.
© 2005 Deane Thomas and Stephen Martin